Linda Wah has a record of success that benefits all of our students and communities.

  • Championed and advocated for AB28 (Holden) Dual Enrollment. This has allowed our high school students to earn early college credit and high school credit concurrently.  Today PCC offers Dual Enrollment classes in Psychology, American Sign Language, Speech, and Kinesiology in Area 5, K-12 school districts.

  • Championed full implementation of SB1440 (Liu) Associate Degree for Transfer. This bill enables our students earn an Associate Degree and transfer directly to a California State University at Junior status.  PCC is now the #1 leader in California for Associate Degree Transfers.   Thirty-nine Business students recently transferred from PCC to the CSULA Business School to complete their last 2 years for a baccalaureate degree.

  • Chaired a Statewide Task Force to reform financial aid, and implemented reforms that cut red tape and eliminated barriers for students needing financial assistance.

  • Advocated for and an early donor to the PCC President’s AAPI Advisory to fund emergency grant funds to assist students with basic needs during the COVID-19 crisis. Over $10,000 was raised in 2020.

  • Championed and advocated for Congresswoman Judy Chu to establish a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at PCC, which supports small businesses and entrepreneurs. PCC’s SBDC is one of the most successful centers, elevating our regional economy and connecting our students to internships and apprenticeships with local business partners.

  • Championed and advocated for Congresswoman Judy Chu to establish a local Veterans Medical Clinic to serve our PCC Veterans, who were driving 20-30 miles to a nearby medical clinic.

  • Advocate and supporter of PCC Veterans Resource Center and Credit for Prior Learning for all students – Military Times named PCC as the #1 "Best for Vets" school in California and #2 in the Nation for Community Colleges for 5 years in a row.

  • Advocated for increased digital textbook access to help defray the education costs for students. Today, PCC has 1657 sections with digital textbooks available, which has saved our students over $3.7M in textbook costs.

  • Chaired the San Marino Rotary Vocational Services Committee which provided direct career mentoring support for PCC Veterans, as well as mentoring for the San Marino Huntington Middle School program students.

  • Supported the partnership with Future Business Leaders of America, which helps students with life skills such as preparing for job interviews, resume building, and exposure to multiple career pathways.

  • Advocated for increased student internships – as a member of the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, helped to strengthen relationships between the business community and PCC, to connect students with jobs and work experience opportunities.

  • Advocated and established a partnership between PCC and the Tech Savvy & Tech Trek Programs – as a Board Member for the Association of American University Women, which specifically reaches out to middle-school girls of color to foster their interest in STEM.

  • Advocated for data disaggregation related to nationality/ancestry identification categories. This enables colleges to hone in on students in need and better target resources for student success.  For the first time Native Americans students were able to identify by tribe. A category was established for Armenians and for Middle Easterners.  African American students were expanded to thirteen subgroups, Latinos up to seventeen subgroups, and Asian American/Pacific Islanders up to eleven groups.